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The list of lovely looking action-y games I was looking forward to this month took a big hit when Deathloop got delayed, but thank goodness action cat RPG Biomutant is still coming. I’d worry that I’ve jinxed it now, but today’s new gameplay and character creator videos have me feeling pretty confident that Expreiment 101 aren’t going to pull a last-minute emergency delay. Biomutant still looks slick as heck and it’s launching later this month.

The two new videos from Experiment 101 were shared by Game Informer. The main action is down below, while the character creator video is over here. Both are worth checking out if you’ve had your eye on this one the way I have.

It’s 11 minutes of gameplay, so there’s plenty to pick out. If you weren’t familiar with Biomutant yet, you can see some of the combo-based action combat, a bit of weapon customizing, at least one small puzzle, open world exploration, and some big enemy battles. There’s also some slow-mo bullet time while wielding guns.

My immediate impression is that Biomutant still looks great. It’s a colourful post-apocalypse with lovely grass, detailed environments, and beautiful fur for all its martial arts cat-like creatures. No surprise then that Experiment 101 showed off a bit of the game’s photo mode near the end of the video too.

You can catch quite a lot of mounts being used across the video too. At different points you can spot the player riding on a speed boat, what might be a large fox, a flying bat, and piloting an actual mech. Certain vehicles or armor can help you explore different areas like radioactive biomes, GI explain.

I particularly enjoy the colourful and comic book-like quality of its interface, including the goofy onomatopoeia exclamations during combat. The weapons are a bit comical too, which we’ve seen in the past. I definitely remember seeing a giant toothbrush at one point. This particular video shows a miniboss wielding a toilet on a stick like a club. Yes, the entire toilet.

Game Informer note that they weren’t able to go hands on with Biomutant, so they couldn’t speak to how it actually feels to play with all these bits. It does seem pretty swell to me though. I’m well up for more open world pretty-pocalypse.

Biomutant is launching on May 25th over on Steam and will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s one of our top ten games of May we’ve been looking forward to. As Colm also says in the video down below, my fingers are crossed that it lives up to the hype. My hype, I suppose.

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